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5 Easy Methods to Make Hookah Smoke Thicker

5 Easy Methods to Make Hookah Smoke Thicker

Ever wonder why hookah smoke is very thin, and your hookah is not working correctly, and always your friends are there to rescue you from this situation. You look like a noob in front of your crush, or you are a beginner in this area and want to learn how to make your hookah like experts, or you are an enthusiast but do not know how to make thicker hookah smoke correctly. No worries! We got you covered. No more embarrassments in front of friends and crushes. Here are a few tips to make work properly and make hookah smoke thicker. So let us divide into common hookah mistakes and get fixed with easy quick-fix solutions so that you can sit up and start smoking again.
Thicker hookah smoke clouds are very fun. However, all fun is in thickness. The kick is from the thickness of the hookah smoke. So I am here to rescue you from this and guarantee you a thick hookah smoke.

Why is your Hookah Smoke Not Thick?

Here are some mistakes you make while making hookah and how to make hookah thicker smoke clouds:-

1- Add Ice:- 

Add much ice to the hookah and more water to adequately cover the downstream. This technique should be used with an iced hookah hose, so it cools the smoke and you can inhale it quickly. You can add more ice and cold after that so that the temperature is under and you can smoke easily when the smoke is cold and get it stored in your lungs for a great time. So there is much science, but you will get thicker hookah smoke.

2- Use a Heat management System:-

Heat management is excellent for managing the heat of your hookah bowl. After using a heat management system, you can surely make thicker hookah smoke. It is also not complicated and easy for a beginner.

3- Use a Dense Pack Method:- 

It is commonly used to make thicker hookah smoke. In the dense pack method, more shisha is inserted into the hookah bowl, resulting in more smoke from the hose. Preparing your hookah bowl should be the first step. Make sure it is tight by adding another layer on top. To create little air pockets, poke the shisha with a shisha fork. The bowl should be heated more quickly. Despite the fact that this method works, there are some types of shisha that will give you a better experience than others. If you want a better hookah experience, you can also use a juicy hookah flavor.

4- Use a Better Diffuser:- 

Attach the diffuser to the bottom of the hookah in order to make the smoke thicker. It is small but will surely make a big difference. The diffuser breaks down the smoke into various particles in the water, which helps in more smoke production. In addition, the diffuser will allow the water to filter out large particles and thus make the hookah smoke smooth and thicker, and you will enjoy an excellent hookah session with fewer rumbling sounds.

5- Change the Hookah Hose:-

Not all hookah hoses are suitable; some are barriers to not making hookah smoke thicker. Try a different hose with a different diameter. Swapping a different hookah pipe or hose will not harm anyone.

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